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Cleve Jones, Author, AIDS & LGBT Rights Activist

Cleve Jones is an American human rights activist, author and lecturer. Jones joined the gay liberation movement in the early 1970s. He was mentored by pioneer LGBT activist Harvey Milk and worked in Milk’s City Hall office as a student intern until Milk’s assassination in 1978.

Jones co-founded the San Francisco AIDS Foundation in 1983 and founded The NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt, one of the world’s largest community arts projects, in 1987. HarperCollins published his first book, Stitching a Revolution, in 2000.  More here ---->

Bart Magee, PhD

Bart Magee, PhD is a licensed Psychologist practicing in San Francisco for 20 years. He is the principal founder of Access Institute for Psychological Services and has been Executive Director since its inception in 2002. During the AIDS years in San Francisco he volunteered with the Shanti Project and provided emotional support to people with HIV/AIDS. This experience in many ways led to his becoming a psychologist. Today, he is an active member of Division 39 (psychoanalysis) of the American Psychological Association where he advocates for community-based mental health care and psychology training. When not at work he enjoys cooking and dining with friends and running/biking in Sonoma County. More here ---->

John Burnett

Cross Border Immigration in the Trump Era

Sonoma Speaker Series - A Conversation with NPR’s John Burnett And Sonoma Police Chief Bret Sackett

Join us to explore the ways the nation will handle cross border immigration under the Trump administration. Candidate Trump made immigration the centerpiece of his campaign, and the promises he made about illegal immigration across the Mexican border are now being put into place.

The Wall.  Will it be built, and if it is, will it be effective? What do those who live along the border think of a wall? What would be the environmental consequences?

Border Patrol. Trump promised to dramatically expand the border patrol and the administration is planning to hire 5000 new agents as quickly as possible. Former border patrol officials warn that rushed recruitment could open the door to corrupt or compromised agents who are paid by drug cartels and human traffickers. Will an “unshackled” border patrol, whose union strongly supported Trump, lead to human rights abuses?

And the border is not just a line between countries; within a 100-mile zone proximate to any border, US agents can set up check points to query people about their citizenship, and, if they fail to persuade the agent — because of how they look, act or sound — they can be detained.

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ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The Obama administration increased deportations above those that occurred for decades earlier, but in the first three months of the Trump administration immigration arrests shot up 38 percent compared with the same period last year.  

The relationship between local law enforcement and ICE has become a major point of contention. In some parts of the country ICE agents enjoy cooperative relations with local police, in other places, not so much. What are the legal obligations of local law enforcement officials in assisting ICE?

Sanctuary Cities. The administration has threatened to restrict federal funding to cities that have declared themselves sanctuaries. Texas has passed a law forbidding cities to declare themselves sanctuaries. What, if anything, does the constitution tell us about this state/local/federal dustup?

DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. The Obama administration lifted threats of deportation for 750,000 children in the US whose parents are illegal immigrants. Trump campaigned against DACA but has since said that he will seek a favorable solution for this group. Nevertheless, there have been recent controversial deportations of “dreamers.”

And a final question: if you are here illegally, what can you do to protect you and your family from arrest and deportation?

Sonoma Police Department/ Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office

Sonoma Speaker Series - In Conversation with Brooke Gladstone and Dan Schnur

Brooke Gladstone Host, On The Media

The Trump administration will test the strength of the First Amendment, which says in part: “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…”
President Trump calls the media “lying, dishonest, corrupt, disgusting, scum,” among other things and has threatened to tighten libel laws in order to censure them. In the face of crushing attacks laced with falsehoods, the media is debating when it can call a lie a lie.

Join us for a discussion of how the media should cover the Trump administration, with Brooke Gladstone, host of NPR’s On the Media and Dan Schnur, leading figure in Republican politics and Director of the Jesse M. Unruh Instate of Politics at USF and UC Berkeley professor of politics .

Republican national politics

Sonoma Speaker Series - In Conversation with John Markoff

In the coming years, artificial intelligence and robotics will have an impact on the world more dramatic than the changes personal computing and the Internet have brought in the past three decades. Cars will drive themselves and robots will do the work of FedEx employees and, inevitably, doctors and lawyers. The new era offers the promise of great physical and computing power, but it also reframes the question first raised more than fifty years ago: Will we control these systems or will they control u
A revolution is coming – or several revolutions. That’s the subject of the next event in the Sonoma Speaker Series: Artificial Intelligence. Our guest is Pulitzer Prize winning journalist John Markoff, the just-retired technology correspondent for the New York Times. Join us on Monday, February 6, 7PM at the Hanna Boys Center.

Sonoma Speaker Series - In Conversation with Randy Thom


Apocalypse Now.. Star Wars...The Incredibles...The Revenant...Forest Gump...The Right Stuff...

Movie magic is a lot more complicated than setting up a camera and shooting a group of actors. We think of film as a visual medium – it’s called motion pictures – but the medium has evolved and is still evolving, a blend of artistry and technique that involves critical elements from casting to costumes – look at the long list of after-film credits at your local Cineplex. And there is one essential element that is the subject of the next Sonoma Speaker Series – movie sound.
Our guest on Monday, December 5th, is the Director of Sound Design at Skywalker Sound, the audio division of Lucasfilm in nearby Marin – longtime sound recordist and mixer, and two-time Oscar winner – nominated another dozen times - Randy Thom. Randy was working in audio in public radio forty years ago when he approached the father of modern sound design, Walter Murch, who hired him to work on, Apocalypse Now. From there it was on to Lucasfilm and other films: Return of the Jedi, The Right Stuff (Oscar #1), Forrest Gump, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and The Incredibles (Oscar #2), and most recently, The Revenant.

Sonoma Speaker Series - In Conversation with Ken Rudin and Neal Conan




Ken Rudin is one of America’s foremost experts in politics and campaign history. He focuses on all aspects of politics, from presidential elections — with the primaries, national conventions, debates and general election — to the races for the House, Senate and state governors. He has analyzed every congressional race in the nation since 1984. For most of the past 20 years, Ken was the eyes and ears of National Public Radio’s political coverage in his position as NPR political editor and resident “Political Junkie.”
Neal Conan - Over 36 years with National Public Radio, Neal Conan may be best known as the long time host of NPR’s “Talk of the Nation”. Previously, he served as Bureau Chief in New York and London, covered the Pentagon, the State Department, the White House, two Winter Olympic Games and several wars. He anchored innumerable live events, including party political conventions, confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominees, Presidential inaugurations and addresses, and the impeachment of President Clinton. He played a key part in NPR’s live coverage of 9/11 and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Behind the scenes, he served as editor, producer and executive producer of NPR’s flagship program, “All Things Considered” and, in an acting capacity, as Foreign Editor, Managing Editor and News Director.


Thought you did a great job with the Speakers Series. We really enjoyed the discussion, and the format was terrific. Congrats!

Jeni Nichols

Great evening last night! Loved it. Great job!!!  Can’t wait for the next one!

Karen Rathman

I just wanted to tell you how much John and I enjoyed last night’s first of many speakers.  Given the general tenor of this election, it was refreshing to be able to laugh a bit, and hear their respective take on the election.  The series is a welcome addition to Sonoma — and I am grateful not to have to drive to Marin!!!

Sydney Randazzo

Was a wonderful event….kudos to all!

Lee Morgan Brown

Smart, entertaining, and close-by……spells success!  We enjoyed the conversation/debate last night by two veteran political reporters who demonstrated thoughtful and wise assessment of the current shit show which is our 2016 election cycle. Congrats on your new gig. We will all benefit!

Patsy Benziger-Wallace

You hit one outta the ball park last night!  Congratulations!  You under-charged….

Squire Fridell

You are launched!  Last night was really fabulous.   Cherie Hughes

Congrats on a winner!  Great evening, great speakers, all around congratulations.  What a welcome addition to Sonoma.

Please let me know if you need some wine for the next or future in the series.  Happy to contribute.

Again, great job to you and your colleagues!

Susan Idell

Ginny and I wanted you to know how much we enjoyed hearing Randy Thom. I wasn’t quite sure how interesting the subject was going to be, but he made it fascinating. Very nicely done.

David Freeman

Thanks very much for the invitation to the Randy Thom event.  It was really great.

John MacConaghy

Wow! We could not make the first talk, but we really enjoyed last night. Very well done! Thanks for adding another dimension to Sonoma.

Roger Wright

What a compelling speaker! I have felt such a need for this kind of thing in Napa/Sonoma, so THANK YOU for starting such an inspiring lecture series. I know the community appreciates it, too!

Eugenia Ballve

That was an A+ event. I liked every minute of it, and really enjoyed the speaker. Good show indeed!

Jim Goodwin

“It was a simply fabulous evening. Thanks much - it was outstanding.”

Kathleen Hill

Extraordinary, exceptional, mesmerizing, thrilling. Thank you so much.

Linda Kuhns

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